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CD REVIEW - Review by JROCK Houston

ARTIST:  Aerosmith

Title: Aerosmith Rocks Donnington 2014

Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Release Year: 2015



1. Train Kept A Rollin

2. Eat The Rich

3. Love In An Elevator

4. Cryin'

5. Jaded

6. Livin On The Edge

7. Last Child

8. Freedom Fighter

9. Same Old Song And Dance

10. Janie's Got A Gun


1. Toys In The Attic

2. Don't Want To Miss A Thing

3. No More, No More

4. Come Together

5. Dude Looks Like A Lady

6. Walk This Way

7. Home Tonight

8. Dream On

9. Sweet Emotion

10. Mama Kin

Sometimes it's just best for a band to do what they do best rather than try and second guess the flavor of the month, go with the current trends and do whatever they think they have to get record sales. Aerosmith fans who were eagerly awaiting the follow up to Aerosmith last studio album: Music From Another Diminsion will have to wait just a little longer for some new music fro the Legendary Boston Rockers but on this latest Live Concert collection what fans get is a 2 CD, 1 DVD package of a Rockin Liv In Your Face Concert that any Classic Aerosmith fan will wish they could have attended!

I put Aerosmith Rocks Donningtom 2014 right up there with other classic Live Concert collections such as Kiss Alive, Frampton Comes Alive....What we get here is a 2 CD set of classic Aerosmith tunes with current hits such as I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Dudue Looks Like A Lady, Livin on the Edge! Best part of all is after you listen to the 2 CD set you can then put on the live DVD portion and watch it for yourself and see just how Aerosmith really did Rock Donnington in 2014 and watch the live concert and dream what it would have been like to be there at this show the very night it was filmed! Just listen to the roar oft he crowd and you'll swear to God you're right there singing along there that night with the rest of the crowd!

CD REVIEW - Review by JROCK Houston

ARTIST: The Mighty Cash Cats

Title: The Ballad Of Johnny And June

Label: Concept Records


1. Long Legged Guitar Pickin Man

2. The Ballad Of Johnny And June

3. If I Were A Carpenter

4. Sixteen Tons

5. Ain't Me Babe

6. Forty Shades Of Green

7. Ghost Riders In The Sky

8. Tennessee Flat Top Box

9. Hurt

10. Ring Of Fire

As you sit here reading this CD Review you very well may be asking yourself "Hey who is this band: the Mighty Cash Cats?" Probably one of the very best if not they very best Johnny Cash Tribute bands in the Southern, CA. area. The mighty Cash Cats hail from Ventura,CA and you can look them up at Mighty Cash Cats - Johnny Cash Tribute Band or look them up on FACEBOOK. Go to the official site and you can order this CD.

Frontman: Michael J. Smith looks and sounds so much like Johnny Cash that after listening to this CD you might ask yourself "Did Johnny Cash really pass on?" I mean I listened to this Cd, closed my eyes as I was doing so and I have to tell you it was just as if I was listening to the Legend that was Johnny Cash. Michael J. Smith really can deliver the goods and his band The Mighty Cash Cats really do shine as well throughout the entire CD! No for anyone out there asking why would you want to purchase a Cd from a Tribute band?

This is more than just another of a thousand Cover bands out there! Michael J Smith and The Mighty Cash Cats do an outstanding job of paying tribute to their hero but in addition to just covering these legendary Johnny Cash songs Michael J. Smith and his band: The Mighty Cash Cats give us a little bonus here with the one original composition here called "The Ballad Of Johnny and June" which is a tune the band wrote/recorded about Johnny cash and his Wife: June Carter which makes this Cd the Ultimate tribute to Johnny Cash and June Carter in my mind! The Mighty Cash Cats really are a Rockin’ Force to be reckoned with!