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CD REVIEW - Review by JROCK Houston

ARTIST:  Carmine Appice/Vinny Appice

Title: Drum Wars Live

Label: Rocker Records

Release Year: 2014


  1. Intro
  2. The Mob Rules
  3. Drum Wars
  4. Holy Diver
  5. We Rock
  6. The Flinstones
  7. Carmin's Solo
  8. Bark At The Moon
  9. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
  10. Drum Wars Part 2
  11. Vinny's solo
  12. Stand Up And Shout/Heaven And Hell
  13. Crazy Train

Anyone who is a fan of either Carmine or Vinny Appice will love this release.  Both of these Drummers are Legendary in their own right but together they are just phenomenal and it's fun here to listen to this Drum Wars Live CD where the 2 perform together in what appears to be a bit of fun sibling rivalry in a fun, competitive way.  The two Drummers are front and center performing songs that they've both made famous throughout their legendary careers.  Most of these songs are songs that were originally done by Dio/Ozzy/Black Sabbath but I have to say that while I'm a huge fan of all tehse songs that I really dig the metalized version of the Rod Stewert Disco hit "do Ya Think I'm Sexy which is a song that Carmine wrote and recorded with rod Stewert.  The only thing I think that would have made this an even better release is if we could have had a live DVD of the very show that this was recorded at but as I recently spoke with Drum Wars Guitarist:  Ethan Brosh he tells me that there are indeed plans for a live Drum Wars DVD to be released later in the year so I guess we'll just have to wait for that!  And while if anyone who is a fan of either of these legendary, Powerhouse Drummers is expecting this to be a CD full of over, the top playing in a Clinic style type of event I must say the most refreshing thing about Drum wars is that Drum Wars is actually a full fledged band that also consist of lead Singer:  Jim Crean, Guitarist:  Ethan Brosh, and Bassist:  James Caputo.

CD REVIEW - Review by JROCK Houston

ARTIST: Jim Crean

Title: Velvet Crush

Label: Melodic Revolution Music

Release Year:  2011


  1. Taste Of Reality
  2. Crystal Clear
  3. Make It (A Fine Line Between Love And Hate)
  4. My Heart Breaks Down
  5. It Couldn't Get Any Better
  6. Daytime Friends (Nightime Lovers)
  7. She Goes Down
  8. Never Made It Through
  9. Melissa
  10. RedLight
  11. Collide
  12. past Tense

I recently discovered the talent that is Singer/Songwriter:  Jim Cream when I picked up Drum Wars Live which is a CD that features Legendary Drumming Brothers:  carmine and Vinny Appice.  Some people may know Jim also from his 80's tribute band:  Hair Nation.  Drum Wars has no doubt helped more people take notice of Jim but I recently had the honor of interviewing Jim about Drum Wars and he then agreed to send me a copy of his 2011 solo release Velvet Crush and I became an even bigger Jim Crean fan than I was before.  On The Drum Wars Live CD Jim is singing songs that were originally sung by Ronnie james Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, and even Rod Stewert and to be able to cover material that was originally sung by such diverse singers shows his ability and natural talent as a Singer but in listening to Jim's solo CD:  Velvet Crush I quickly discovered not only does Jim Crean have the ability to cover other people's material but he also has the ability to write and sing his own original compositions and in listening to the material on Velvet Crush it's not just Jim Crean's ability as a Singer that comes through but I really took notice of what a gifted/talented Song Writer Jim really is!  he's great at telling stories and taking the listener on a journey.  And one thing that really stood out to me about what great songs these are as I'm listening to this CD, just as I think I've finished hearing my favorite track on the CD the songs that follows it is even better.  My only complaint here is that the album had to come to a conclusion at all.....The songs are just that good!  I'm eagerly awaiting Jim's next solo release which he tells me will be released later this year on carmine Appice's ROCKER RECORDS.  Anyone a fan of 80's style Rock/Metal in the vein of Dokken/Slaughter/Motley Crue is just going to love this album!