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Hello and welcome to 2021, Wow what a year we've all had over the last year but in 2021 everyone here at Chaotic Riff's Magazine want to continue to work on delivering the goods to you all as far as bringing you great interviews and helping to shine a light on some of the best Hard Rock/Metal music out there and we always try to do our best to cover bands/musicians that are
well known such as when we have covered artisit such as Steve Riley from LA GUNS or Ross The Boss and Sean Peck from Death
Dealer, as well as help shine a light on up and coming bands such as Layne's Calling or Dragonlore to name just a few.

In 2020 because of The COVID19 lockdowns and being forced to work from home we were able to conduct a ton of more interviews than ever for your enjoyment, many of which have yet to be posted, I can't tell you how many interviews we already have in the can and we continue to schedule more and more interviews each week because of working from home over the last year.

In 2020 another thing that we were finally able to do is welcome some new voices to the Chaotic Riff's Magazine family.
Allow me to now introduce you to one of those new voices to you now!

Joe Lawson: Joe Lawson early in 2020 was interviewed for Our On The Record segment talking about the Huge influence that Iron Maiden and their 1986 album:  Somewhere In Time album had on him.  While doing this interview with Joe it became very clear that not only was Joe a Metal fan but he was well versed and educated when it came to ALL THINGS METAL.  I should also note that prior to the ON THE RECORD interview I had interviewed Joe a few times in the past in regards to the bands he fronts which are SCREAMKINGS and DRAGONLORE.  After interviewing Joe for our On The record Interview series I reached out to him and we then together launched THIS IS METAL where Joe and I talk about METAL BANDS/Really All THINGS METAL that we think should be discussed and it's been a ton of fun I must tell you and it seems as with each episode we do that THIS IS METAL gets better and better!  THIS IS METAL w/Joe Lawson in the last year has become a regular feature at Chaotic Riff's Magazine!  Joe and I would like to thank our audience at Chaotic Riff's Magazine for making THIS IS METAL what it has become!

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