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CD REVIEW - Review by JROCK Houston

Artist:  Pete Townsend

Title:  Truancy - The Very Best Of Pete Townsend  Release Year: 2015

Label:  Universal Music

Track Listing:

 1.  Pure And Easy

 2.  Sheraton Gibson

 3.  (Nothing Is Everything) - Let's See Action

 4.  My Baby Gives It Away

 5.  A Heart To Hang On To

 6.  Keep Me Turning

 7.  Let My Love Open The Door

 8.  Rough Boys

 9.  The Sea Refuses No River

10. Face Dances (Part II)

11. White City Fighting

12. Face The Face

13. I Won't Run Anymore

14. English Boy

15. You Came Back

16.  Guantamo

17. How Can I Help You?

When most people hear the name Pete Townsend they automatically think of The Who, The Legendary, Classic Rock band that he has fronted now for over 50 years and written so many Classic Radio songs such as "Pinball Wizard" , "Won't Get Fooled Again" , I Can't Explain" and so many other hits songs that have become the soundtrack to so many of our lives.  Truancy - The Very Best Of Pete Townsend is the best of Townsend's solo work, best of what he has done outside of The Who.  While it's true that Townsend's solo work never got quite the attention that his legendary WHO Catalog has gotten I'm very pleased with Universal Music's decision to release this Best Of Collection from Pete Townsend.  It kind of shows the other side of Townsend, allows people to have a nice, little collection of Townsend's solo work and really give people the opportunity to listen to and come to have a real appreciation for Townsend's solo material and what he's done outside of the who.  If anything anyone who listens to Truancy - The Very best of Pete Townsend is left with the feeling hat rather with the Who are on his own Pete Townsend is one very, talented, gifted song writer and all of his songs be it a who song or a Pete Townsend solo songs will be heard by millions of people for years to come even long after Townsend has passed on!  The thing I have always admired about Townsend is that he is just as talented/ as much of a gifted songwriter as he is a Guitar Player!  There's really not a bad track on here but I must admit that two of my favorite tracks on here that I feel really stand out are "Let My Love Open The Door" and "Rough Boys".

CD REVIEW - Review by JROCK Houston

Artist: The Who  

Title: The Who - Live In Hyde Park  

Release Year: 2015  

Label:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

The Who have been celebrating their 50th anniversary and I must give them a huge shout for giving all the Who fans like myself 50 years of great Rock tunes!  I mean who the hell hasn't heard "I Can't Explain" , "You Better You Bet" , "My Generation" , Behind Blue Eyes" and so many other Classic Rock tracks a dozen times throughout our lifetime on the radio a dozen times or more each and every, single day?  A huge reason for that is because of Guitarist:  Pete Townsend's ability to write a memorable, catchy, hook filled song that you just can't get out of your mind!  I can speak for myself that the WHO and their Catalog of music has become the Sountrack to my life and I know I am not alone in saying that!  That's the very reason why 50 years later they are still out there Rocking and Rolling!  The Who these days is Lead Singer:  Roger Daltry and Guitarist:  Pete Townsend who are the sole original band members that have to their credit kept the who going all these years!

Drummer:  Keith Moon and Bassist:  John Entiwhistle have both passed on a number of years ago but neither of them have been forgotten by Daltrey/Townsend or the band's legion of fans!  In fact they are still very much part of the live Who Experience with archived images of the two along with archived images of the entire band that play in the background on the huge video screen.  Now while this release can be bough on both the DVD and Blue Ray Formats I strongly suggest picking up the Blue Ray version if you can because the wonderful images you get from the Blue Ray effects and the easy way to navigate the menu is what really made it worth it for me!  I got the CD/Blue Ray combo pack which I think is well worth the price I paid for it!  The live, video performance you get on the Blue Ray is really the whole package, the best of the whole package if you will but I like the 2 audio CDs that you get here, nice to be able to play the music in the car when you drive of a really great Who Concert!  This show was filmed/recorded on June 26, 2015 on the band's current tour which may very well be the band's final tour...If so what a way to go out with a bang!  This is a MUST HAVE in any WHO fan's collection!  What a great way for the Who and all their fans to celebrate 50 years of The Who!