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6-16-2020 On The Record Interview with Appetite 4 Destruction Lead Singer Gar Borras

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This Is Metal Update

JROCK:  Joe as I mentioned so far we've recorded 6 episodes of THIS IS METAL what have you enjoyed the most about doing the show?  

JOE: I'd have to say sharing storeys and learning new things about some of the bands and artists is a reward in itself.

JROCK: For our audience Joe who doesn't know that much about you, please tell them a little about who you are?  Let's start off with telling them about your band ScreamKing?  Talk a little bit about the latest ScreamKing album and give us a website for The ScreamKing if you have one?

JOE: Ok, I sing in two bands ScreamKing and Dragonlore. ScreamKing has released two albums ``Evilibrium" in 2013 and "Tyranny of the Sea '' in 2017. Currently we are finishing up the third release titled: "Thee Indomitable Spirit" Not sure on a release date as we are patiently awaiting the world to hopefully return to semi normal past the covid-19 pandemic. We are also working on several videos to help support the new release. Official website:

JROCK:  You also have another band named:  Dragonlore.  Tell us a little bit about Dragonlore?  

JOE: As for Dragonlore we signed on with Iron Shield Records out of Germany for the first release titled: "Lucifer's Descent" which was released worldwide through Soulfood Distribution on CD, digital and Gatefold Vinyl on January 17th 2020.  Both bands have their own identity and sound different from one another. Dragonlore is preparing for the second release
titled: " Rising from the ashes" with a new lineup that features former Tyrants Reign members.

JROCK:  Is there a official site for Dragonlore?

JOE: No, not yet. We are on Facebook though:

JROCK:  On Episode#1 of THIS IS METAL we discussed the ACCEPT album:  Blood Of The Nations, talk a little bit about why that album had such a major impact on you like it did?

JOE: Honestly its just raw, heavy ass kicking Metal with great song arrangements, melody, lyrics, its the whole package in my opinion.

JROCK:  When you're not creating music Joe what are some other things you enjoy doing in your spare time?

JOE: Well I enjoy spending time with my family and growing as a martial artist I study Ninjutsu, Hapkido, Krav Maga.

JROCK: Hey Joe in the 6 episodes of THIS IS METAL that we've recorded so far you've had some great road stories with us would you mind sharing one of those road stories with us?

JOE: Ok here's one from my early days with my first band "BlindRage". We were on the road in New Mexico in a small hotel and the manager was walking around knocking on doors kicking people out that were passed the checkout time which of course it was us too. I frantically woke everyone up and we were loading out as the manager saw there were more people in the room than allowed. He chased after our van throwing rocks at us. I kindly shot him the moon out of the back van door window.  He caught up to the van and almost opened our back door which would have put me in the highway ass first! Great times!

JROCK:  Joe one thing I've noticed about you in the 6 episodes of THIS IS METAL that we have recorded so far is you always seem to have your finger right on the pulse of great METAL!  Is there a Metal band you've been listening to, maybe a new up and coming band that you feel has the potential to become something really big?  If so what band would that be?

JOE: Thanks, I try to keep up a bit with whats going on out there. A few bands I'll mention: Divinity Compromised here from the Chicago area. Great band and good friend of mine Lothar Keller is the lead vocalist. Stormburner a killer epic Metal band from Sweden. There album Shadow Rising is available from Pure Steel records.

JROCK:  So far Joe, some of the bands we've discussed on THIS IS METAL have been Accept, Queensryche, Twisted Sister, Dio, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Tim Ripper Owens, Judas Priest, Skid Row, Sebastian bach?  My question to you is which of those bands did you enjoy discussing the most?

JOE: Really all of them for different reasons I suppose. They all have earned their place in the History of Great Metal bands!

JROCK: Like I said Joe we're already 6 episodes into THIS IS METAL?  In regard to future episodes what are some other bands you'd like to see us discuss?

JOE: Savatage, Overkill, Death Angel, Testament, Lizzy Borden, Manowar, Iced Earth.

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